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      Beatrice Settles is the Chief Executive Officer of G.I. Apprentice, Executive Director of National Offender Re-Entry Association (NORA), as well as the Chief Financial Officer of Virtuous Beacon Association(VBA). Ms. Settles has been in Human Resource,Business Development, Accounting and Financial Services for more than 18 years, for the last 12 years Ms. Settles has been providing temporary employment placement and financial literary to low income individuals to increase their knowledge and skills in employment and budgeting. Ms. Settles has also assisted a number of individuals in obtaining gainful employment, transportation services and is becoming a critical link for employers needing labor and management services as well as a vital resource for re-entry workers. Ms. Settles has assisted small businesses in obtaining Minority Certification,registering to become a government contractor,screening and recruiting needed staff, business management and consulting services, business start up assistance, document preparation service and community development. As the founder of A Hand Up Not A Hand Out Ms. Settles has become a voice for ex-offenders in the Memphis area and surrounding areas. - see more at https://www.napw.com/me#sthash.x5Gh6j4O.dpuf

 The purpose of this organization is to put at risk individuals in a position where they can establish stable housing, transportation, and the skills needed to become productive yet successful individuals. Attacking these issues first creates a better chance for them to become self-sufficient. Second, the goal is to decrease the ever rising recidivism rate of offenders that return to jail within 1 year of release, due to minimal resources and poor economic conditions that  is prevalent in the inner-city.

   To join us you can fill out the short interview form,or email your resume to [email protected] , [email protected].

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Our History 

    N.O.R.A. (formally) A Hand Up -Not -A Hand Out  a community organization founded by Beatrice Settles-Banks to help disadvantaged individuals develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to become dedicated individuals and productive professionals. We offer; life skills training, housing referral, transportation assistance financial planning & job placement and/or referral to multiple felony offenders, welfare participants and disabled individuals. This organization is driven by people who want to ensure that disadvantaged citizens receive the opportunity to reconstruct their economic status by rejoining the working class.


       We believe that a person, any person can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon. All they need is access to the fundamental resources; to make those dreams realities. A Hand Up -Not A Hand Out requires the individuals to make a comment to better their status by furthering their education, skills, and career.  We do this by only pursuing and securing employment for these individuals in industries they have foreseen or can foresee a future in.

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